Just Arrived in Canada? Here’s What To Do

November 14th, 2014 by

So you’ve just arrived in Canada. You’re new to the city and you want to get around. You obviously need a vehicle.

No worries, mate. Crown Honda has the answer to your problem.

Wade Lee, the General Manager at Crown Honda, has been with the Dilawri Group since 2003. He’s dedicated to making sure you get the right vehicle at the right price and with a dealership located at 2610 McPhillips St., he has experience in helping first time buyers who are new to Canada.

And his solution is simple.

“Just come and see us,” Lee said. “There isn’t better advice I can give you. Before you even choose the car you want, sit down with our financial specialist Jack Reves. There is no one more experienced with the Crown Honda New Canadian Buyers Program than Jack. He’s our Finance Manager and he’s the guy who can get you into the car you need for the right price.”

Jack has been with Dilawri since 2010 and says he loves the Honda Accord.

“In my spare time, I enjoy traveling to my home country, The Philippines,” he says.

Jack knows what it’s like to be a new Canadian buying a car for the first time. So at Crown Honda, Jack and his buddies, Marc Tolentino and Erwin Cenidoza have become specialists in making the car-buying experience a pleasure for new Canadians.

All you need is proof of permanent residency status, proof of income and a valid work permit or visa. It’s that easy!

So come down and visit with Jack Reves, Marc Tolentino or Erwin Cenidoza and take a look at what’s in the Showroom at Crown Honda. It’s easy, informative and fun and when you leave, you’ll be ready to sing O Canada.

The Dilawri Automotive Group
Founded in 1984 by Ashok Dilawri, the Dliawri Automotive Group has more than 400 employees and includes seven Winnipeg-based car dealerships. It also provides customers with the Waverly Auto Mall (WAM) Collision Center, a 24-bay glass, paint and auto body center; D-MAX, a 14-bay detailing center; and GAS Performance, a specialty aftermarket and performance accessory showroom with the largest inventory of custom wheels and tires in Winnipeg. The Dilawri Automotive Group has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

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