Drive Safely During Winter

Drive Safely During Winter

Winter is here! Keep an eye out for these hazards and drive safely this winter
Winter conditions are nothing new to us, yet many people seem to forget how to drive safely on our ice and snow-filled streets. Since we can’t wait around for the streets to get sanded or for the city cleaners to scrape the roads, we’ve put together a couple of things to keep in mind for when you need to drive the streets of ‘Winter’peg.

(or the lack of)
Winter roads, you can’t stop when you need to and can’t move when you finally stop. Did you know that icy roads can increase your stopping distance up to 12 times? No wonder autobody shops and MPI centres are very busy in the winter season.
To help avoid an unwanted accident, or sliding through an intersection, adjust your driving habits in the winter. A quick and easy solution is to slow down and start braking much earlier than usual. It’s also worth paying attention to where the snow and ice are on the road. Typically, you will stop more reliably on snow in comparison to the ice ruts left behind by everybody else.

Winter Tires
Equipping your vehicle with winter tires is also very useful in these situations. They are specifically engineered to gain the much-needed traction in colder and icy conditions. Consider reaching out to Dilawri’s Crown Honda’s service staff as we are always ready to get you back on the road and ready for winter.

(yes, snow)
After a fresh snowfall, your car may look like it’s part of the snowbank, but it’s not, and nor should you look like a driving snowbank on your way to work.
Cleaning off your vehicle is an important step in your day-to-day activities as it can be a serious issue for both you and everybody else’s safety. This includes cleaning off not only your headlights, taillights, and windows, but also your entire vehicle. Although you may only need to see what’s going on, snow on your hood or your roof can cause sudden visibility issues to you and others on the road.
Simply put, if you can’t see what’s happening, you can’t avoid it.

The main takeaway is to be aware of our ever-changing weather conditions here in Manitoba and to prepare your driving habits for the winter. Be cautious, be aware, and stay safe out there!

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