General Maintenance for Honda Vehicles

Even though Honda cars come with a warranty and are highly reliable, they still need routine maintenance to ensure you and your family enjoy a smooth and safe ride every time you hit the road.

Maintenance Checklist for Honda Cars

Your Honda maintenance minder system will offer alerts and reminders when service is due. The Honda maintenance minder uses data from engine operating conditions to calculate the remaining engine oil life and display that information to the driver as a percentage. This system will keep you on track with your Honda service schedule to put your mind at ease .

Oil Life
  • The engine oil life is displayed starting at 100%
  • 15% indicates service is due soon. It's time to schedule an appointment
  • 5% means service is required now. Bring your car to our Service Centre as soon as possible.
  • 0% means service is past due. Take your vehicle to our location or any other authorized Honda Service Centre near you for maintenance care.

The Honda maintenance schedule has two main codes, - A and B. From there, you may see a range of subcodes to offer a more exact explanation of the issue.

A- Change Oil and Filter
B- Replace the engine oil and filter. Also, inspect various components and systems that include front and rear brake cleaning and lubrication, adjust parking brake, and perform an in-depth inspection of the brake components.

Sub codes
0-Perform a multi-point inspection.
1- Check tire pressure and condition, and rotate tires.
2-Replace air cleaner element (cabin and engine air filters), replace dust and pollen filter, and check the drive belt.
3- Flush and replace transfer fluid and transmission fluid.
4- Replace the timing belt and spark plugs and inspect valve clearance and water pump.
5- Flush and replace engine coolant.
6- Replace rear differential fluid.
7- Flush and replace brake fluid.

The good news is that the latest Honda models are even more durable than the previous ones and require less frequent maintenance. If you own a used vehicle, you may need to schedule routine maintenance sooner, depending on your vehicle's condition.

Scheduling regular maintenance helps you prolong the life of your vehicle, while reducing the cost of larger maintenance if you stay on top of taking care of your vehicle. After all, we experience harsh climate several seasons each year.

Schedule General Maintenance at Crown Honda

Crown Honda also offers excellent maintenance services to ensure your vehicle stays in top-running condition. We use genuine Honda factory parts and our Honda factory trained technicians are dedicated to servicing your vehicle.

Our experts specialize in servicing all Honda vehicles, including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, and more. From oil and filter changes to tire rotation and alignment, our technicians are dedicated to protecting your investment and keeping you and your loved ones safe on the road. Call (204) 594-9237 to schedule your general maintenance with our experts.